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Boatwright Memorial Library

FYS 100 (06): The Rhetorical Lives of Maps: Research Resources

Research Guide for First Year Seminar taught by Dr. Tim Barney.

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Article for class discussion

  1. Look over the full article by Ian Muehlenhaus linked from your class guide.  The author uses maps from various sources in his article.  Why do you think these are not listed among his references?

  1. The author lists 6 of his own publications in his list of references.  Do you think this is a good sign or a bad one for the reliability of this article?
  2. Why do some of the journal articles in the list include a URL that begins with dx.doi, while others do not? 

  1. If the library did not have a book or article from this list that you wanted to use, how could you get it?

  1. How can you determine which items are refereed or peer-reviewed?

  1. How could you find out more about the journal in which this article was published?
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