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MUSIC RESEARCH GUIDE: Parsons Music Library SPRING 2021 Policies

Resources for music research and for finding materials in Parsons Music Library

The following policies are in force at Parsons Music Library during Red, Orange, and Yellow phases of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Entry into the Music Library

Until further notice, entry into the Music Library is restricted to current University of Richmond students, faculty, and staff. UR IDs must be shown upon request.

Physical Distancing

A distance of at least six feet must be maintained between persons at all times.

When approaching the Information desk, please stand no closer than the sticker on the floor.

Mask policy

Following University policy, masks covering the mouth and nose must be worn in all open areas of the Music Library.

Masks are not required in offices or study rooms, as long as a distance of at least six feet is maintained between occupants.


Furniture has been arranged to comply with social distancing requirements.  Please do not move or rearrange furniture, or sit in chairs that have been blocked with barriers.

Food and Drink Policy

Because eating and drinking cannot be done while wearing a mask, food and beverages are not permitted in open areas of the Music Library.

Browsing the Collection

Because important details about music scores can only be discovered through direct examination, browsing of these materials is permitted under the following conditions:

  • Browsing is by appointment only, one person at a time.
  • Hand washing or sanitizing is required before browsing
  • A library staff member will accompany the browser, at a distance of six feet.
  • Any items touched or removed from the shelf will be placed on a cart.  Those that are not needed will be placed in quarantine before reshelving.

Our book, CD, and DVD collections are not open for browsing.  These formats are adequately represented in OneSearch, and can be requested through that portal.

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