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Boatwright Memorial Library

ADED 302U: Knowledge Management Seminar | Connecting the Dots - Genealogy and Economic History (Zinn): Welcome

Library Tutorials ~ Refreshers

If you would like a refresher for getting started at the library, try the TOP 12 TIPS for Getting Started at Boatwright.

For help using the library databases and getting started with research ~ try the General Research tutorial or Getting Started with Research Guide.

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Our Library Research Guides are collections of resources, links, and information that provide you with help as you start your research.

In this Guide, I have included help with how to get started with genealogy and economic research.  Help with how to use scholarly articles, how to cite sources in APA, and an overview of the library website are included on the tabs above. 

Whenever you need help or have questions about library resources, research, or your own assignments, please let us know. You can email  or schedule an appointment — all of our contact information is included on this guide.

Carol & Carrie


Carol Wittig, Head of Research & Instruction

Carrie Ludovico, Business Librarian

Head, Research & Instruction

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Carol Wittig
FYS and SPCS KM - ENG Instructor
Rm. 179, Research & Collaborative Area
Boatwright Library
University of Richmond
261 Richmond Way
Richmond, VA 23173

Carrie Ludovico

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Carrie Ludovico
Business Librarian
(804) 287-6647
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