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Boatwright Memorial Library

FYS 100 (23) - Storytelling in Science (Masterson): Welcome

Never Cry Wolf by Farley Mowat

Some basic library resources

Getting started

  Use this guide for help in completing your
  assignments for the FYS
Storytelling in Science

  Your library instruction session will be on September 2 and will provide an overview
  of basic library resources as well as 
  academic integrity, evaluating sources, and
  citing sources effectively

  Please contact me if you need help with
  your research!
                                    ~ Melanie

Due Dates

Week 1 - Post book review(s) by 1:30 on Thursday
Week 2 - Bring in article on wolves & environmentalism for Tuesday; choose one aspect of
Never Cry Wolf to research
Week 3 - Post essay on Mowat, accuracy and wolves by 1:30 on Tuesday
Week 4 - Post book review(s) by 1:30 on Thursday
Week 5 - Post essay on the cod fish & slavery by 1:30 on Tuesday

Week 6 - Post essay on methods used by Skloot & fallout by 1:30 on Thursday
Week 7 - Complete first draft of children's book
Week 8 - Present children's books
Week 9 - Post essay on explaining physics by 1:30 on Thursday 

Week 10 - Bring book review(s) for Thursday
Week 11 - Bring article on women & the convent for Tuesday; post essay on using letters to build a story arc by 1:30 on Thursday
Week 12 - Bring book review(s) of Radioactive for Tuesday; post essay on using art to explain science

Week 13 - Develop visual depiction of assigned character and science
Week 14 - Finish presentation
Week 15 - Final essay due Dec. 10

Science Librarian

Book reviews

Go to the library's research guide on Book Reviews to learn how to locate book reviews,

There is information here on locating general, scholarly, and discipline-specific book reviews.

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