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RBdigital audioooks

Accounts must be created while you are on campus and have access to our databases, or logged in through the VPN.

Accounts, once created, are not dependent on your UR ID, password, email address, or library card.

If asked for an off-campus code, use Spiders. Once you have created your account and downloaded the app appropriate for your device, you can search, download eAudiobooks or eBooks, and play or read your checked out books from any location.

Boatwright Library subscribes to recreational audio and text e-books via RBdigital. You can also find the audio e-books in our catalog under the subject heading Downloadable Audiobooks. To download an audiobook title to your computer or mobile device, you will need to create a free RBdigital Media Manager account (available once you click on a title -- from within RBdigital).  To download a text e-book to a computer, you will need an ereader app and account, but RBdigital has a single app for reading and listening on mobile devices.   RBdigital also provides video tutorials linked from its Help page as well as a downloadable guide to setting up your account.

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Setting up Account:

Access the RBdigital collection through the Boatwright Library page so you can see the available books in UR’s collection

Choose the REGISTER icon to create an account with RBdigital.


Accounts must be created while you are on campus and have access to our databases, or login through the VPN, but are not otherwise dependent on a UR ID, password, or email address, or a library card


Fill in your own username and password. These do not have to match your Richmond NetID or password. Once it is created, you can use this account anywhere and are no longer restricted to just on-campus access.





RBdigital will now show you all that the Boatwright Library has access to and you can checkout digital content from your browser to read on your computer or a mobile device.

Downloading and Reading eBooks from RBdigital Website

To read any eBook from RBdigital on your computer, you will need to have:
  • RBdigital account:
    Be sure you have already registered your RB Digital account prior to downloading.
  • Adobe Digital Editions(ADE)

Get Adobe Digital Editions


Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) is a free extension to Adobe Acrobat Reader. To install and use ADE, follow these steps:

  1. Download Adobe Digital Editions from Adobe's website.
  2. Create an Adobe ID and authorize your copy of ADE
    • ADE is pre-installed on Library computers.

Note: An Adobe ID is not necessary to read e-books, but if you are using ADE on your personal computer (not a Library or public computer), Adobe recommends authorizing ADE with an Adobe ID. Your Adobe ID is free and completely separate from your NetID or other UR accounts.


How To Use: 

Sign in to RBdigital by following this link:  

Once signed in, select the book cover of the book you wish to view. Make sure this is an eBook and not an eAudiobook

Once on the details page of the book, look to see if the option provided is Checkout or Hold.

If the only option is Hold, selecting this option will place a hold on the book so that when the previous user is finished, the book will automatically be checked out to your account. An email will be sent to let you know the book is now available for download.

If the option to Checkout is available, click on the checkout button. Checkout period is up to 3 weeks and titles can be renewed up to 3 times if there are not customer holds on the title. Clicking Checkout will automatically choose the 21-day checkout period and be added to your account. This will also initiate a download in your browser. 

When the download completes, you will have a file that says "URLLink.acsm". Clicking on this file will open the book in Adobe Digital Editions where you can read your book. 

Downloading and Reading eBooks on Mobile Devices

Be sure you have already registered your account prior to downloading.

Get the app for your device.


Choose your country and login with your information.

Choosing the Menu icon, will bring up the full browsing options. With this you can choose to between viewing books and entertainment to check out.

Within the book menu, you can choose between eAudiobooks and eBooks. 


Click on a book cover image for audio samples, to checkout, or to place a hold. Checkout period is up to 3 weeks and titles can be renewed up to 3 times if there are not customer holds on the title.

There are also options to view your checked out materials, as will as your account.

View their user guide for more detailed instructions on how to download and navigate the app, or try Ask Boatwright for more assistance. 



Browse and check out audiobooks

Log in to RBdigital account using your email and password.

To select a book, make sure to click on the book cover.

Search to check out or place holds

Click on the magnifying glass in the top-right corner of the screen and type in search terms by Keyword, Title, Author, and Narrator, and click the search button. Use the Advanced Search fields to perform a detailed search and find only audiobooks that are available now.

hold is placed when an eBook or eAudiobook is currently checked out to another patron. When the item becomes available again, it will be automatically checked out to your account. A notification will be sent to you in your email.

Using RBdigital Media Manager to listen on Desktop

Audiobooks on desktop require RBdigital Media Manager, which is available for Mac and Windows operating systems. 

Once installed on the computer, use your already created account to sign in.

Anything already checked-out to you, will automatically show up in the program. Any new content checked out will automatically open in the RBdigital Media Manager program. 

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