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Boatwright Memorial Library

FYS 100 (03-04) Devil in the Details (Winiarski): Early American Imprints & Historical Newspapers

Tips for Searching:

Early American Imprints & Early American Newspapers:

  • Search by Place of Publication to limit to a specific state
  • Search multiple terms with Boolean: AND, OR, NOTADJ[x], and NEAR[x]
  • Search by Field (author, title, subject, place of publication, full text, year, etc...)
  • Word search automatically searches for singular/plural


Wildcarding, or truncation, is the use of certain symbols (? or *) to replace one or more letters or characters in a search term. This can be useful when:

  • You want to make sure you find items containing slight variants of your search term, such as British spellings, archaic spellings, and the old-fashioned, elongated s character that appears in many historical documents
  • You are not completely sure how to spell your subject

Single Character Wildcarding: Question Mark (?) Use the question mark in place of single letters. For example:

  • wom?n will search for items containing woman or women
  • hou?e will search for items containing house or houfe

Multiple Character Wildcarding: Asterisk(*) Use the asterisk in place of multiple letters. For example:

  • environment* will search for items containing environment, environments, environmental, environmentalist, etc.
  • Pen*lvania will find all the items containing Pennsylvania or Pensilvania -- a great help for searching despite variations in spelling.

 Displaying / Searching Results:

  • Search within this document for words
  • Highlight search terms within document
  • Save/Email document as pdf

American Periodicals Series

  • The Christian History (1744-1745)


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.