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ENVR 269: Environmental Ethics (McWhorter): Citing Sources

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Chicago Citation Examples

How to Cite a Report in Chicago Author-Date Format

Citing Reports

In this context, a "report" is a document created by an organization such as a think tank, policy organization, or a government agency. Many resources in policy studies come from such organizations.

Reports are essentially treated like books in Chicago Author-Date Style (see Section 14 of the Chicago Manual of Style on "Pamphlets, reports, and the like" at

Example 1: Report that lists people as authors


(Alvarado et al. 2014)


Alvarado, Alex, Matthew Rae, Gary Claxton, and Larry Levitt. 2014. Examining Private Exchanges in the Employer-Sponsored Insurance Market. Menlo Park, CA.: The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Accessed February 15, 2015.

Example 2: Report with no people listed as authors; "organization as author"


(City of Norfolk Department of Public Works 2014)


City of Norfolk Department of Public Works. Operations Division. Environmental Stormwater Management. 2014. Combined Coastal & Precipitation Flooding Master Plan. Norfolk, VA.: City of Norfolk Department of Public Works. Accessed March 22, 2022.

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