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Boatwright Memorial Library

FYS 100 (06): Representing Civil Rights in Richmond: Primary Sources and Statistics

Complete Guide to Newspaper Resources


Eyewitness Testimony in Articles

In Periodicals
Recent Events (Past 2 Decades)

In addition to the primary sources to be found in books, many are also published in periodicals. A search in Academic Search Complete for your subject and the subheading "personal narratives" often locates first person accounts of events. For example, search for the subject heading "pandemic,"  and the phrase "personal narrative,"

Newspaper accounts of contemporary events are also considered primary sources. The best source for identifying newspaper articles published in the past twenty years is Access World News..

Primary Sources

How to Read a Primary Source

Primary Source Materials - Print

How do I use the library catalog?

There are several paths:

  1. Select the “Books and More” tab on the search box on the libraries main page.

         2. There is also a “Books and More” link under Quick Links.

          3. If you are already engaged in OneSearch, you can choose Books, Audio, or Video from the Item Type     dropdown box beneath the search box.

To search the Library Catalog for primary source materials, try adding one of the following subheadings to your search term or topic: diaries, personal narratives, documents, sources, letters, correspondence, oral history, pamphlets, interviews, speeches, or autobiography. For example: civil rights and diaries.

Don't forget to explore the historical newspaper archive databases in the middle column of this page!

Current Richmond & Washington, D.C. News Resources

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