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Jepson School of Leadership Studies - Faculty Publications

The nation’s first undergraduate school of leadership studies, the Jepson School draws upon the liberal arts to educate students for and about leadership. Faculty and students use multiple lenses to look at leadership as a historical, social, and ethical phenomenon to understand leadership as it was, as it is, and as it should be. The School’s multidisciplinary faculty work side-by-side to gain insight into leadership as a basic part of the human condition and to advance the scholarly and public understanding of leadership. Faculty members draw upon a rich variety of academic disciplines, including anthropology, history, law, economics, political science, philosophy, literature, psychology and religion, to drive research and define the field.

Jepson Faculty publications in UR Scholarship represent a selected list of articles, book chapters and books. Visit the Jepson School of Leadership Studies faculty website for a more complete listing of publications and further biographical information about the faculty.

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