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Boatwright Memorial Library

WGSS 279: Feminist and Queer Theories (Skerrett): Activity

Library Search Activity


  • If you don't know enough about your theorist- first find background information using the library's reference sources and encyclopedias (or Wikipedia).
  • Next, brainstorm at least 3-5 search terms to find articles and books or chapters. In addition to the the theorist's name and titles of primary texts, you should also search for key concepts that they defined, movements that they were a part of, and areas of study they influenced.  
  • Locate at least two scholarly sources (book or journal article)- one should be about your theorist and one should be written by your theorist. Search in one or more of the library databases besides Onesearch and Google Scholar.

Record your process as you go and answer the following:

  • Where did you find background information
  • What search terms/key words did you use?
  • What database(s) did you use to find your articles/books/book chapters?
  • Did you use filters in your search (like adjusting the timeframe, looking for only peer-reviewed articles, etc.)?
  • How did you that your sources are scholarly
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