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Richmond and Virginia Newspapers

The current Richmond Time-Dispatch newspaper was formed in 1903 from the merger of two papers - The Times and The Dispatch.  These newspapers went through multiple title changes post-Civil War.  Listed below are each of those titles and what is available online:

Richmond Dispatch (1884-1903)

The Times (1890-1903)

The Daily Dispatch (1850-1884)

The Daily Times (1886-1889)

Richmond Planet (1883-1938)**


The Library of Congress has digitized many other Virginia newspapers on their website. 

**Of note is the Richmond Planet, which was founded by 13 former slaves and first published in 1882.  By 1904, it had reached a weekly circulation of 4,200 and gained a reputation as a staunch defender of the African-American community and a voice against racial injustice - "daring to hurl thunderbolts of truth into the ranks of the wicked...No stronger race man is known among us." (Description on Chronicling America site, information provided by Library of Virginia).

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