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Boatwright Memorial Library

FYS 100 (49 & 50): Refugees (Siebert): Getting Started

What's Your Research Strategy?

Developing a research strategy can help you find relevant sources more effectively and efficiently:

  • What is the question you are trying to answer?
  • Do you need to find background information just to get started?
  • What kinds of sources do you need to find to back up your arguments?
  • How might articles or books you have used in this course lead you to other relevant sources?
  • Where will you search for scholarly sources? How will you search?
  • How might you save time when deciding if a source is relevant to your topic?
  • What other kinds of sources, besides traditional scholarship might you draw from?
  • How will you critically evaluate the sources you find to determine their credibility?
  • If you don't find exactly what you are looking for, what might this indicate?
  • Do you need to refine your question?

The Research Process

Oftentimes, the hardest part of a research projects is choosing and narrowing in on your topic. From there, it is important to understand that the research process is not linear:

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