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FYS 100 (42) - Heroes and Villains (Allison): Welcome

FYS Research Guide for Professor Allison's Fall 2021 class.

What is Heroism Science

Heroism science seeks to understand heroes, heroism, and heroic behavior. Heroism science distinguishes between the subject of inquiry and the processof inquiry, as indicated below (Efthimiou & Allison, 2016):

Subject of Inquiry

Heroism science seeks to understand:

* the origins (formation, causes and antecedents) of heroism.

* the nature of heroism.

* the different types, categories and expressions of heroism, and their impact on individuals and society.

* the functions and consequences of heroism.

* the variety of processes associated with heroism, including biological, social, cultural, psychological and spiritual.

* heroism as a dynamic phenomenon.

Process of Inquiry

Heroism science draws upon all methods of inquiry in the sciences and the humanities. Illuminating the full range of phenomena associated with heroism science requires multidisciplinarityinterdisciplinarity, and transdisciplinarity, as defined by Choi and Pak (2006, p. 351). Specifically, heroism scientists may employ:

* A multidisciplinary approach, which “draws on knowledge from different disciplines but stays within their boundaries.”

* An interdisciplinary approach, which “synthesizes and harmonizes links between disciplines into a coordinated and coherent whole.”

* A transdisciplinary approach, which “integrates the natural, social and health sciences in a humanities context, and transcends their traditional boundaries.”

A Hero's Journey

Paper Assignment: Choose any principle or phenomenon of heroism  (e.g., underdog heroes, heroic transformation, the hero's journey, etc.). Students must choose 2 or 3 heroes who best exemplify that principle or phenomenon and write case studies on those heroes. 

NPR's A Hero's Journey Template

Heroes and Villains Basic Search Tools

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