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WGSS 490: Bodies and Materialities: Research Strategies

WGSS Handbook, Encyclopedias, etc.

Preliminary Research: Defining and Narrowing Topics

Use specialized encyclopedias, handbooks and scholarly books for excellent overviews and syntheses of possible topics.  Use bibliographies at the end of encyclopedia articles for further inquiry.

How to find these sources?

- Ask Your Librarian!

- Use the Subject Research Guides on the library's web site,
   especially the Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies Research Guide.

- Search the following online reference databases to find overviews and background information.

Subject Specific Research

Start with the Subject Research Guides and the UR Library Catalog to identify articles, books, statistics, studies and reports.  Keep in mind that you may need to use multiple research guides and several different databases.  A good way to identify further citations is to use the endnotes and bibliographies at the end of articles or books. Continue to ask librarians and professors for suggestions and guidance.

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