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VMAP 253 Painting: Abstract, Conceptual, Process-Based: Public-Private Creation Assignment

Copyright and the Arts

Image Sources

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Writing an Annotated Bibliography:

What is an annotated bibliography?

It is a bibliography in which you include a short summary or abstract of sources you are thinking of using for a paper. It is more than a works cited list, which gives only a bibliographic citation for the source. Annotations should offer a summary of the material as well as critical comments. Critical comments can be supported by comparison to other research or knowledge about the topic. Annotations typically do one or more of the following:

  • Describe the content and focus of the book, article or web site
  • Suggest the source's usefulness to your research
  • Evaluate the source's method, conclusions, or reliability
  • Record your reactions to the source

Can an annotated bibliography help me with my research?

They provide readers with background information about your sources, who then may want to consult those sources. Annotations are a great way to help organize your research as you critically evaluate books, journal articles, web sites and other resources.

How do I start writing an annotated bibliography?

It is most useful to begin your annotated bibliography when you begin your research. You can decide from the start which sources are relevant for your research. As you read your material, identify the author(s) argument, main thesis, take notes, and make a brief outline of what you have read.

How do I format an annotated bibliography?

Write the citations -- they are the same with or without annotations in each of the citation styles. Check Citing Sources of information for the various style guides. The annotation starts beneath the citation, but you will need to check the style manual for specifics on form, spacing and consistency. Every sentence should convey relevant information and depending on the requirements of your assignment, the annotation length and contents may vary.

Citing Images

What to include in your annotation for this assignment:

Why you chose the image/what it represents to you.

The copyright notification/license attached to the image.

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