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LDST 250: Critical Thinking & Methods of Inquiry: Opinions/Editorials

Leanings of Newspaper Editorials

The editorial boards of the following newspapers usually reflect either liberal or conservative views, but note that all of the following newspapers may include syndicated opinion writers of both persuasions.

Conservative/Right Leaning Editorials:
Wall Street Journal (Factiva News Pages)
Washington Times (America's News)
New York Post (LexisNexis, America's News)
Richmond Times-Dispatch (America's News)

Liberal/Left Leaning Editorials:
New York Times (LexisNexis, Newspaper Source Plus, Factiva News Pages)
Washington Post (LexisNexis, Factiva News Pages, Newspaper Source Plus)

Newspaper Websites

Finding Opinion Articles (Editorials, Opinions, Op-Eds, etc.)

Select a published opinion-editorial from a regional or national newspaper.  Do not select a letter to the editor.

Use the databases and links below to locate an opinion or editorial article.  Watch the online videos to learn how to search Newspaper Source Plus, Factiva News Pages and Access World News effectively.

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