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Boatwright Memorial Library

LDST 102: Leadership and the Social Sciences (Wilkins)

Social Sciences Librarian

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Kyle Jenkins


Boatwright Library, Room #183

261 Richmond Way
Richmond, VA 23173

Head, Research & Instruction

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Carol Wittig
FYS and SPCS KM - ENG Instructor
Rm. 179, Research & Collaborative Area
Boatwright Library
University of Richmond
261 Richmond Way
Richmond, VA 23173

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Background Reference

Featured Leadership Resources

The Leadership encyclopedias provide a wide range of content on aspects of leadership across different subjects.  Use the INDEX or TABLE OF CONTENTS in each set to search for chapters and pages. Search within the contents for individual terms, such as: (“native American” OR indigenous) AND leadership.

Here are a few relevant sections related to Native American Leadership:

  • Religious Leadership | Chapter 28: Native American Leadership 

  • Environmental Leadership | Chapter 51: Native Leadership and Adaptation to Climate Change: A Case Study 

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