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Boatwright Memorial Library

FYS 100 (58): The Angst Years: Getting Started


Articles in encyclopedias, especially scholarly subject encyclopedias, can be very helpful in establishing basic information about a person, place, event, or theory and they often have bibliographies that list additional resources worth consulting.

Basic Library Tools

Finding Books in Boatwright Library

To search for books in Boatwright Library, use the  Library Catalog/Books and More . When dealing with a topic that can be used in many fields it is best to add a second word that describes your area of interest, for example, "adolescents" and "psychology".  Start with a keyword search and when you have found one or two relevant books, examine their subjects headings to help guide further searching, or use terms from the subject headings. Remember that books are generally on broad topics and that you are not searching the full text, only the titles, subject headings, and--if you're lucky--the table of contents of print books. In the case of electronic books, you are searching the full text, but your search results may include books that are not closely related to your topic. There is always a tradeoff between relevance and comprehensiveness.


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