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Opening Residency:

11944 Midlothian Turnpike, Broad Street, Williamsburg, Charlotte, and Greensboro

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Industry and Market Reports:

  • IBISWorld - 44112 "Used Car Dealerships in the US" (5/2016). Thorough look at the industry. 
  • First Research - "Automobile Dealers". Practical look at the industry. 
  • Mintel Academic - click "Category Overview" at the top of the page to to see the full list of reports on the Automotive Sector, including: "Used Cars and Light-Trucks US"; "Car Purchasing Process-US" (4/2016); "Luxury Cars-US" (10/2015); "Marketing Cars to Millenials and Generation X, US" (6/2015); "Black Consumer Attitudes and the Car Purchasing Process" (6/2016); "Certified Pre­Owned Cars-US" (8/2015); "Hispanics and the Car Purchasing Process" (June, 2015-update soon); "Car Purchasing Process-Segment Performance"; "Used Cars-US" (4/2015) (sales and forecast of used cars and light trucks 2009-2014; "Online Used Car Marketplace-UK"; "American Lifestyles: Balance or Bust-Transportation" (5/2016); "Car Purchasing Process­ - Executive Summary" (5/2016); and "Cars in U.S." (2016). 
  • Academic - "Used Cars" (report on dealers); also perhaps the "Luxury Automobiles" report. SICs 44142 and 44120. Competitors: CarMax, Inc.; KAR Auction Services, Inc.; ADESA New Jersey, LLC; KAR Auction Services, Inc.; Gulliver International Co., Ltd. 
  • Standard & Poor's - Market Scope. "Automobiles" (5/2016). 
  • eMarketer - "automobile". 

Car Consignment: 

  • ABInform - "Used cars" or "used automobiles", also "automobile dealers" or "automobile industry". 20 results for "car consignment". 
  • Business Insights Global - "car consignment" (8 articles); see "Online Sales Strategies". Also "Car THINK" and the reports "Used Car Dealers" and "Motor Vehicle Dealers (Used Only)". 
  • Business Abstracts - "car consignment" (1 article). "Used cars" in subject or title fields. 
  • Factiva - "car consignment" 118 results. "Used Cars" limited to title and first paragraph). "CarLotz" (27 results). 
  • Lexis-Nexis - "Car Consignment" (115 results). See"industry sector performance", "Company Activities and Management", etc., "CarLotz" (27 results).
  • Entrepreneurship - "car consignment" (3), "used car lots" in title and subject fields and "used automobiles". 

Try word variations in the various databases. 

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