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MUS 095: Repertoire / Colloquium: Home

Library resources to learn more about Rep class topics (2018-19)
Date Location Program
Aug. 24 North Court Choir Room Introductions
Sept. 4 Parsons Music Library Music Library orientation (Dr. Fairtile)
Sept. 11 North Court Choir Room Pop Song Students (Dr. Alcalde)
Sept. 18 North Court Choir Room Making Music in the City Jail (Dr. McGraw)
Oct. 2 North Court Choir Room Asian vocal traditions and techniques (Jessika Kenney, guest)
Oct. 9 TBA Native American Music (Bill Miller, guest)
Oct 23 North Court Choir Room Performance Anxiety (Dr. Kong)
Nov. 6 Perkinson Recital Hall Student Performances I
Nov. 13 North Court Choir Room Cartoon Music (Daniel Goldmark, guest)
Nov. 27 Cannon Memorial Chapel Student Performances II
Dec. 4 Camp Concert Hall Student Performances III


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