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FYS 100 (20) Dreaming of the Prophet (Hanaoka): Home

Library Guide for Professor Hanaoka's Spring 2018 FYS.

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Library Research Session

Kinberg, Leah. "Dreams and Sleep." Encyclopedia of the Quran

Ru'ya, Encyclopedia of Islam

Dreams, Encyclopedia of Islam

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Electronic Reference Sources:

Finding information about a subject may require that you first browse general encyclopedias, dictionaries, or other resources to find out background information -- the who, what, where, when aspect of your topic. Once you know a little bit, you can then move to subject-specific books and journal resources to find more detailed research material.

Listed below are some general resources to help you get started.  While you may not always use these as "official" resources to cite -- they can help provide background information.  Remember to always use bibliographies for additional resources.

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