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FYS 100 (18) Is Jewish-Christian Dialogue Possible? (Eakin): Getting Started

LibGuide for Professor Eakin's Fall 2017 FYS.

Library Lab Overview

Snodgrass, Klyne R. "Recent Research on the Parable of the Wicked Tenant: An Assessment." Bulletin for Biblical Research 8 (1998): 187-216.

Concordance or Commentary?

A Concordance will help you trace a word -- or a word's usage throughout the Bible. You can also find a passage using keywords if you don't remember the location of the whole passage. Concordances help with primary source research as you are viewing a word or passage within its original context.

King James Concordance - (UVA E-text)

Strong's Concordance - Boatwright (B1) BS425 .S8 1980

A Commentary provides context and analysis of words and passages-- through historical, cultural or other areas of scholarship.  Commentaries are secondary sources to aid in interpretation of the text.

 commentar? and [search term]

It may also be listed as Criticism, Interpretation, etc. as the subject

criticism interpretation [search term]

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