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For use during Parsons Music Library's temporary relocation to Sarah Brunet Hall


Borrowing Policy

Each of our five laptop computers can be borrowed for four hours (no renewals). They cannot be taken out of the Music Library. Overdue fines are $1.00 per hour, so it's important to discharge them as soon as they are returned.

Laptops are stored in a cart in Room 104. They do not have disc drives, so anyone who wants to listen to a CD or watch a DVD must also check out an external drive (we have three). 

Our laptops have a battery life of over four hours when fully charged, so we store them plugged in and check them out WITHOUT THE POWER CORDS.  Therefore, it's really important to follow these steps:

1. When checking out a laptop, pull it partway out of the cart and disconnect the power cord from above. Then pull the laptop out the rest of the way.

2. When checking in a laptop, look at the ID number on the front (especially the last two digits) and make sure you return it to the correct numbered slot.

3. Before putting the laptop back in the cart, make sure that it is completely shut down, not just asleep.

4. When returning the laptop to the cart, position it so that the side with the power cord jack goes in first. Don't forget to reconnect the power cord so the laptop can charge for the next user.


The laptops should connect to our wireless network, giving access to the Internet and our printer, but sometimes there are problems. When a patron is unable to log on, first charge the red Ethernet cable out to them, which is located on the shelf beside the metronomes and remotes. Have them plug the laptop into the available Ethernet jack on the wall between the two front group study rooms 201A and 201B (the jack is outlined in black). Have the patron try to log on, and then try to access the internet. After these steps, the patron should be able to log on again without using a wired connection.

If the laptops don't seem to be charging while they are plugged into the cart, you may need to reset the circuit breaker. Open the back of the cart and look for the area where the cart's power cord originates. Slightly below and to the left of that is a switch. Turn the switch off, and then on again. Listen closely for a faint humming noise coming from the cart, which indicates that electricity is flowing.

For other laptop problems, call the Help Desk at 287-6400.

Library Terminology (BASIC INFORMATION)

Library staff sometimes use specialized terminology that may not be obvious to student employees. Here are a few terms that you may hear:

CHARGE = check something out

DISCHARGE = check something in

I L L = interlibrary loan, which means borrowing materials from or lending materials to other libraries

M R C = Media Resource Center, on the 2nd floor of Boatwright Library, has most of the University's DVD/video collection

STACKS = shelves

TRUCK = book cart

VOYAGER = the software system that underpins our online catalog, circulation, etc.

Locked Out of a Room

If a student gets locked out of a classroom or practice room, they should speak with Linda Smalley in the Music Office. After hours, the student should call University Facilities (289-8600) or the non-emergency Police (289-8715).

The Music Library does not have keys for Brunet Hall practice rooms.


Lost Items

"Lost item" is a term for a library item that is more than 20 days overdue.  The item may not actually be "lost," since the borrower may know exactly where it is, but it is "lost" to us because it's not on the shelf where it belongs.  Lost items are automatically assessed replacement fees so that borrowers are -- hopefully -- motivated to return the items promptly (when a lost item is returned, the fees are forgiven) or so that the library is able to replace an item that is truly gone forever.  For books, the lost item fee is a flat $100, regardless of the actual cost of the item.  For scores, CDs, and DVDs, the Music Library will charge the actual replacement cost plus a $10-per-item processing charge.

When a lost item is returned and discharged in Voyager, the following pop-up will appear:


Click OK, and then click YES when you're asked to removed the lost status.  Then this window will appear:



Click OK.  Then proceed as you would with any discharged item.