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For use during Parsons Music Library's temporary relocation to Sarah Brunet Hall


Lanyard keys

The keys on the red lanyard open every door, cabinet, and cart that student employees need to access.  A color-coded guide to the keys is posted on the inside lip of the circulation desk, and is also outlined below:

big key: all doors
purple: metal DVD cabinet in room 103
blue/green: wooden CD cabinets (all of them) in room 103
red: laptop cart in room 104

The lanyard should be either around a staff person's neck or in the black file box on the small desk.  Nowhere else!  Please do not leave it on the desk or take it home with you.  If you discover that you have accidentally taken the keys with you after your shift ends, call the circulation desk (289-8286) immediately.

Front Door Key at Boatwright (Managers Only)

Managers who need to open the Music Library on Saturday or Sunday should stop by the Main Desk at Boatwright to obtain the front door key approximately 15 minutes before the library is scheduled to open. They will need to present a SpiderCard and check out the key like any other library item (overdue fines apply!). Be sure to leave enough time to pick up the key and have the Music Library open for business as scheduled. Managers opening the library on Saturday should return the key to Boatwright after closing (please do not take it home!!). Managers opening the library on Sunday should return the key to Boatwright after their shift is over. Managers' shifts include an extra 15 minutes before and after the usual two- or three-hour time slot, to cover the extra duty of retrieving and returning the front door key.

If the front door key is missing for any reason, please call Linda immediately