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For use during Parsons Music Library's temporary relocation to Sarah Brunet Hall

Inclement Weather (BASIC INFORMATION)

From Boatwright Library's inclement weather policy:

"If Linda Fairtile can arrange student staffing for the Music Library, she should do so for as much of the regular schedule as possible, consistent with Boatwright Library’s opening time. If student staffing cannot be arranged through the scheduled closing time, then the Music Library should close early and student workers should post signs conveying that information."

Translation: even if the University closes, the Music Library remains open, as long as we can keep it staffed.

If the University closes due to inclement weather, and the Music Library is also closed, all regularly scheduled student employees will be paid for the hours that they are unable to work due to closure.  These hours should be entered into Banner as if you had worked.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

The Interlibrary Loan office at Boatwright will try to borrow materials from other libraries when they are needed by our patrons. We also lend our materials to other libraries for the same purpose. There are a few restrictions:

  • We only borrow materials for current UR students, faculty, and staff. Alumni and community borrowers should consult their local public library.

  • We are seldom successful borrowing CDs, DVDs, or videos from other libraries, because few are willing to lend these types of materials.

The best way to see if materials are available at other libraries is to search in WorldCat

If someone wants to submit an ILL request

Please direct them to this web page: or to Linda if they need help identifying materials to borrow. ILLs requested by faculty and staff are delivered to their department offices. ILLs requested by students are held at Boatwright Library, even if they are related to music.

If someone wants to return an ILL that is no longer needed

We can accept returns of ILLs from students and faculty. Do not discharge the item (even if it has a barcode, it's not in our system), but just put it on the Interlibrary Loan Shelf.

Security alarm

ILL materials borrowed from other libraries may set off the door alarm when a patron takes them out of the library. This can't be helped, since the item comes from another library whose security system may be different from ours.  Just let the person go after verifying that it's not a Music Library item that's causing the alarm to sound.

Interlibrary Loan Shelf

Behind the circulation desk is a shelf labeled "Interlibrary Loan."  This is where we place all Interlibary Loan materials returned by UR patrons, as well as Music Library items that have been requested by other institutions. Materials on this shelf are to be delivered to Sam Schuth, the Interlibrary Loan Associate, on the second floor of Boatwright Library, following instructions from Melanie or Linda.

International Students

International students who are employed by any department on campus, including the Music Library, need to follow a few additional rules due to their citizenship status. Some pertain to documentation and others govern how many hours they are permitted to work. This is all detailed on the Student Employment website


The Music Library has three iPads that can be borrowed for two weeks by current UR students, faculty, or staff.  Only Linda or Melanie can check out an iPad to a borrower, but everyone can accept and check in a returned iPad.  However, the iPad must be reset in the presence of the person who is returning it, because his/her Apple ID password is required to complete the reset.  To reset an iPad, please follow these steps:


2. Turn on the iPad and access the main screen (the four-digit lock code should be 1234.  If it’s not, then ask the person to enter their code)

3. Open “Settings” (the gray icon that looks like a gear)

4. On the right side of the screen, scroll down to the bottom and select “Reset”

5. Select “Erase All Content and Settings” (the second option in the list), then ERASE and ERASE again

6. Hand the iPad to the person and ask them to enter their Apple ID Password.  If they have forgotten it, they can create a new one at

7. The iPad will then reset and you can discharge it and return it to the cabinet with its charger

If you run into any problems or you forget to reset the iPad before the person leaves, please notify Linda and/or Melanie.