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For use during Parsons Music Library's temporary relocation to Sarah Brunet Hall

Fines and Fees

What are they?

Fines are charges for overdue library materials. They are supposed to act as an incentive for people to return materials on time.  Fines for Music Library CDs, scores, and DVDs are 20 cents per day.  Fines for equipment, keys, and course reserves vary; see the chart on the circulation desk.  Like Boatwright Library, we do not charge overdue fines for books, but a lost book will incur a $100 replacement charge.

Fees fall into two categories. Most of the time, patrons who have lost or badly damaged a library item will be charged both types of fees

1) replacement fees are used to buy a replacement for a lost or badly damaged item. We charge the lowest available cost that enables us to acquire a replacement in good condition and in a timely manner.

2) processing fees ($10 per item) cover the cost of staff time to locate, order, receive, catalog, and process a replacement item. There are typically at least five University employees involved with the replacement of a single item.

Payment of Fines and Fees at Library Service Desks

Fines for all materials (including material from the MRC, TLC, and CMC) can be paid at all library service desks. The MRC does not accept cash for fines, only SpiderCards.  The Music Library accepts cash but does not accept SpiderCard payments.

Fees can only be paid at the location responsible for the lost or damaged item (i.e., MRC for MRC DVDs, Boatwright for Boatwright books, etc)

NOTE: If there are concerns or questions from users about CMC or TLC fines and fees, library staff members may refer users to Angela Leeper (CMC) or Melissa Foster (TLC).

SpiderCard Payment of Fines or Fees: This option is available at Boatwright Library only

Patron Disputing a Fine or Fee

Student employees are not permitted to forgive or reduce library fines or fees. If a patron thinks a fine or fee has been wrongly assessed, refer him/her to Linda or Melanie.

Patron Blocked from Borrowing Due to Excessive Fines or Fees

Patrons with fines in excess of $14.99 will automatically be blocked from borrowing additional materials. Managers may override this block ONLY if the patron is a current UR student who wants to borrow something on course reserve. In all other cases, the patron should be referred to appropriate library staff (Linda or Melanie for Music fines, MRC for MRC fines, Boatwright for Boatwright fines, TLC for TLC fines) to resolve the matter.

Student Employees' Library Fines

Under no circumstances should a student employee make any changes to his or her own fines/fees in the circulation system, including overriding his or her own fine block. Doing so may result in immediate termination. If you need to pay a library fine, ask another student employee or library staff to handle the transaction for you.

Food and Drink Policy (BASIC INFORMATION)

Library users are permitted to bring food and drink into the library, but are asked to have consideration for other users and for library materials.  Trash should be disposed of in the trash and recycling bins, and spills should be cleaned up immediately (there are paper towels and all-purpose cleaning spray in the supply room).

Library staff may eat and/or drink while on duty, but we ask that food be consumed at the small desk behind the reference desk (away from computers and library materials).  Drinks should be in bottles or in covered containers.  Trash should be disposed of in the trash and recycling bins, and spills should be cleaned up immediately.

Football Games

Because we are located so close to the stadium, the Music Library will not open on the days that home football games are played.  During the fall 2017 semester, home football games are scheduled for the following Saturdays:

September 16 (Family Weekend)
September 23
October 7
October 28 (Homecoming)
November 18

Changes to this list may occur due to playoffs and/or TV scheduling

Frequently Asked Questions (BASIC INFORMATION)

1) Do you have (piece of music)?
Ask whether they want a score, recording, or video. Use the online catalog (check the Catalog Searching page for help). If the item is not found, always refer to Melanie or Linda. Never tell a patron that we don’t have something unless Melanie or Linda tells you to do so.

2) Where is (Webb 202, practice rooms, Music Dept. office, etc.)?
Webb 202 is the classroom next door; the practice rooms are down the hallway opposite the vending machines; the Music Dept. office is downstairs to the immediate left after exiting the stairway. The Theatre/Dance office is on the second floor of Modlin: turn left after exiting the library and go down one flight of stairs; turn left and walk across to the other side of the building.  For other locations, use the campus directory, Modlin Center map, or Booker Hall directory at the entrance to the building downstairs.

3) What hours are you open?
Hours for the entire academic year are on the bulletin board above the small desk, and also in Blackboard (SCHEDULES & HOURS --> LIBRARY HOURS). Hours for Boatwright and the MRC can be found in these same places. Current Music Library hours are posted on the front door.

4) How does this equipment work?
There are instruction sheets for the A/V equipment in each group study room.

5) Where are the (jazz CDs, piano music, etc.)?
Outlines of the shelving system are in the display boxes by the public bulletin board. Please note that there are different outlines for scores/recordings and books.

6) Why can’t I find this item on the shelf?
First, check the library catalog. Did the person copy the call number down correctly? Is it the kind of item that he/she thinks it is (LP vs. CD, video vs. DVD, etc.) Is it already checked out? Is it on the New Items Shelf?  Is it on reserve? Is it a miniature score?  Is it an electronic item rather than a physical item?  If it seems like it should be on the shelf, go with the person to look for it.  Also look to the right and the left of where the item should be. If you still can’t find it, record basic information (the person’s name and contact info, the item’s call number and title) for Linda or Melanie to follow-up.

7) Where can I get information about (composer, song, etc.)?

  • Use online resources like Grovemusic or the All Music guide (on the Music Research Guide web page)
  • Use subject search in the library catalog, and basic reference books: Harvard Dictionary, Baker’s Biographical Dictionary (located in Reading Room).
  • If not found, refer to Melanie or Linda

8) Do you have any music for (flute, clarinet and piano, etc.)?

Use subject search in the library catalog; also try the outline of the shelving system in the display boxes by the public bulletin board.  If not found, refer to Melanie or Linda

9) Can I borrow the key to Room XXX?
Room keys are loaned only to authorized students, and to all Music faculty.  They are charged out like other library materials. The key case on the wall of the CD storage room lists the names of students who are permitted to borrow each key. Questions should be directed to the Music Office (ext. 8277). DO NOT give a key to a student unless his/her name appears on the relevant list.  Non-UR people should never be given room keys

10) How many CDs / books can I borrow?
UR students can borrow an unlimited number of library items, but only five CDs or DVDs during a single visit (ten for music majors and minors). UR Faculty and Staff can borrow an unlimited number of items at any time. Most non-UR people, including alumni, can borrow a total of five items, but a few categories, like high school students, are limited to two. Borrowing and fine policies are displayed on the circulation desk

11) Can I put something on the bulletin board?
All items on the bulletin board must be approved by the Music Librarian. If a person gives you something for this purpose, be sure to tell them that the Music Librarian will discard it if it is not appropriate.  We do not display posters or flyers that have no connection to the University of Richmond.

12) Can I donate something to the Music Library?
If someone wants to donate something and the Music Librarian is not available, politely state that you are not authorized to accept donations on behalf of the library, but that the Music Librarian would be happy to discuss the matter with them. Get the person’s name and phone number, and give him or her Linda’s business card (on the circulation desk). UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD YOU ACCEPT A DONATION OF ANY SORT.

13) I am not a UR student/faculty member/staff. Can I still use a computer?
People without a UR net ID can request a temporary (24-hour) computer guest account from Linda or Melanie. If neither is here, call the Main Service Desk desk at Boatwright (8876) to see if staff can accommodate them over there. If the person just wants to use the catalog, direct them to the computer in the back of the library, which does not require a login, or else offer to look up the item for them at the desk.

Friends of the Library


The Friends of Boatwright Library is an organization that "acknowledges the central importance of the Library to the intellectual and cultural life of the University of Richmond and strive to increase public awareness of the wide array of resources and services available through the Library, to expand success to these programs, and to encourage generous giving in support of our excellent Library."


A Friends membership card allows the holder to borrow five items at a time, including DVDs (but not videocassettes), from the university's libraries. A regular membership costs $35 per year, while a student membership is $5 (student memberships are for UR students only, not students at other institutions). Click here for more information.


If someone wants to join the Friends of the Library, give them a green brochure from the rack on the wall. Student Managers can add Friends as new patrons. Membership cards, which double as library cards, are on top of the laptop cart in the CD storage room.