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FYS 100 (25 & 26) From Holy Rite to Hooking Up (Shaw): In-Class Activities

Reviewing the Scholarship:


  • Google & Google Scholar: "blurred lines" "music video" thicke williams
  • WGSS Research Guide
  • EBSCO - saving searches & search histories
  • Subjects/Keywords for Catalog (Books):
    • Mass media and sex
    • Women in popular culture
    • Sexism in mass media
    • "sexual behavior" media

In-Class Practice

For your source -- discuss the following & report to the class:

  • Authority: What type of source is your item? Is there an author? How could you find out more about the site/person/item? Is there (could there be) inherent bias in this source? If so -- what? 
  • Form/Purpose: Where was your item published? What kind of information is published here? Who is the audience?
  • Currency: When was your item published? Why does that matter?
  • Use: What type of research might this item support? How would you use it: background? support? primary source? counter-argument?