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FYS 100 - Entrepreneurial Innovation: Setting Up Your Search

Israel's Strong Innovation Ranking

From Dun & Bradstreet's May 2017 Country Risk Report on Israel: "The Global Innovation Index 2017 was recently published by Cornell University, INSEAD and WIPO. Surveying innovation in 127 countries around the world, the Index ranked Israel in a relatively strong 17th position, up four places on the previous Index. In the Northern Africa and Western Asia (NAWA) region, Israel was ranked first out of 19 countries. Within the seven pillars that make up a country’s overall ranking, Israel was the only country in the NAWA region to be placed in the top ten globally for any pillar, in fact achieving this in two pillars - business sophistication (fifth globally) and knowledge and technology outputs (ninth). Israel’s lowest pillar ranking was in institutions, where it was placed at 49. This was mostly driven by two factors: first, poor political stability and safety, and second, the relatively high cost of redundancy dismissal."


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