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PLSC 270: Social Science Inquiry (Datta): Annotated Bibliography Template

Annotated Bibliography Information

What is an annotated bibliography? 

An annotated bibliography is a listing of the resources you will use in your paper, along with a short narrative explanation of each resource. It is an excellent pre-cursor to a literature review and helps you organize and classify what you have read. Each annotated in your annotated bibliography should include:

  • A brief summary of the content of the resource (book, book chapter, article, etc.)
  • An explanation of how the resource supports your argument or contributes to your research topic.
Some other things that might be important to include in your annotation:
  • what type of resource is it?
  • who is the intended audience?
  • who is the author and what qualifies her/him to write about this topic?
  • what was her/his purpose for writing/creating it?

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