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FYS 100 (41): Poetry and Music: How to Find Poems by Topic

Course guide for Professor Becker's First Year Seminar

In Printed Anthologies

The PN1021-PN1022 section on level B-2 of Boatwright Library contains printed indexes to poetry in anthologies.  The most comprehensive is called Granger's Index to Poetry; later volumes are called Columbia Granger's Index to Poetry.  To use these volumes, you need to follow multiple steps (courtesy of Marcia Whitehead, Humanities Librarian):

  1. Go to the "Subject index" at the back of the volume and look up your subject
  2. Find poems whose titles sound promising
  3. Go to the "Title, First line, and Last line index" and look up the poem(s) you picked from the subject index.
  4. Jot down the abbreviation for the anthology in which it's included.
  5. Go to the "List of Anthologies" at the beginning and find the abbreviation, and get the title of the anthology.
  6. Look up that book title in the library catalog to get your hands on the book.

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