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FYS 100 (53) War Reporting: The American Experience (Hodierne): Civil War

Library Guide for Professor Hodierne's Fall 2017 FYS


Tips for Searching ...

Search for a topic, individual keywords, a location, or place.  Don't search for the "name" of the war or individual battle. The wars weren't "named" until later -- think about World War I -- it wasn't I until World War II occurred!

Some beginning search terms are below:

(battle or skirmish) AND location of battle

Battle at XX

*If you can limit by date -- try a few months around the date of the battle (after the date of...)

*Be sure to look at the dates and location of the newspaper coverage.  If it is a local battle, it may or may not have had broad coverage during the time period -- so use the databases below that cover the time period.

Civil War

Some of the databases listed below can be searched through the individual newspaper's collections.

Accessible Archives:

The Civil War

African American Newspapers

 Individual Newspaper Titles:

The Liberatora weekly newspaper published by William Lloyd Garrison in Boston, Massachusetts. Garrison was a journalistic crusader who advocated the immediate emancipation of all slaves and gained a national reputation for being one of the most radical of American abolitionists.

  • Part I: January 1831–December 1835
  • Part II: January 1836–December 1840
  • Part III: January 1841–December 1845
  • Part IV: January 1846–December 1850
  • Part V: January 1851–December 1855
  • Part VI: January 1856–December 1860
  • Part VII: January 1861–December 1865

* * *

 Early American Newspapers: (search by Eras in American History)

  • Civil Rights Amendments, Freedman's Bureau, Increasing Industrialization, Sioux War

* * *

19th Century Newspapers: Search by state and city for local newspapers and battle information.

* * *