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FYS 100 (53) War Reporting: The American Experience (Hodierne): Revolutionary War

Library Guide for Professor Hodierne's Fall 2017 FYS


Tips for Searching ...

Search for a topic, individual keywords, a location, or place.  Don't search for the "name" of the war or individual battle. The wars weren't "named" until later -- think about World War I -- it wasn't I until World War II occurred!

Some beginning search terms are below:

(battle or skirmish) AND location of battle

Battle at XX

*If you can limit by date -- try a few months around the date of the battle (after the date of...)

*Be sure to look at the dates and location of the newspaper coverage.  If it is a local battle, it may or may not have had broad coverage during the time period -- so use the databases below that cover the time period.

American Revolutionary War

Some of the databases listed below can be searched through the individual newspaper's collections.

Accessible Archives:

The Pennsylvania Gazette - one of the United States’ most prominent newspapers from 1728—before the time period of the American Revolution—until 1800. Published in Philadelphia from 1728 through 1800, The Pennsylvania Gazette is considered The New York Timesof the 18th century.

  • Folio I: “Benjamin Franklin’s Newspaper” (1728–1750)
  • Folio II: “The French & Indian War” (1751–1765)
  • Folio III: “The American Revolution” (1766–1783)
  • Folio IV: “The New Republic” (1784–1800)

South Carolina Newspapers - Includes a number of Gazettes from the years 1732-1780. The SCG below is considered the "middle of the road" newspaper from that time period.

  • The South Carolina Gazette (1732-1775) - South Carolina’s first successful newspaper was begun in 1732 by Thomas Whitemarsh in Charles Town, and released its final issue in December, 1775. A “middle of the road” paper, the Gazette printed news of Europe, what the royalty had worn at the last formal event, news of the colony, notices of births, deaths, marriages and estate auctions, and advertisements, including those for runaway slaves. It contains a wealth of information on colonial/early American history and genealogy, and provides an accurate glimpse of life in South Carolina and America prior to the advent of the American Revolution

The Virginia Gazette (1736-1780)- was the first newspaper published in Virginia and the first to be published in the area south of the Potomac River in the colonial period of the United States.

  • Part I: 1736-1745
  • Part II: 1746-1755
  • Part III: 1756-1765
  • Part IV: 1766-1775*
  • Part V: 1776-1780*
* During these year spans, two and sometimes three versions of the paper were published. All versions are included in the database.
* * *
Early American Newspapers: (search by Eras in American History)
  • Stamp Act Crisis, Boston Massacre, Boston Tea Party, First Continental Congress
  • Battle of Lexington and Concord, Declaration of Independence, Rise of Republicanism, Treaty of Paris
  • Shays' Rebellion, U.S. Constitutional Convention, Rise of Republican Motherhood