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FYS 100 (53) War Reporting: The American Experience (Hodierne): Books

Library Guide for Professor Hodierne's Fall 2017 FYS

Other ways to Identify Books

You can also find relevant books by using Worldcat, a large national catalog of books; by searching Google Books or Google Scholar; and by searching our many e-book collections (listed in the catalog and from journal titles).

Finding Books in Boatwright Library

To search for books in Boatwright, use the Library Catalog.

  • KEYWORDS - use words you would like to see in the title or "about" the subject
  • SUBJECT - assigned headings to the book.  Review subjects available from a book that looks relevant
  • SUBJECTS - will take you to a list of books about a specific topic or person, not the books authored by that person

Books may be in paper (located on B1 and B2 of Boatwright) or available online from the library catalog


These are examples of two types of ebooks we have and how to access them.  We have thousands of ebooks available and they are all full-text.  You cite them just like the paper version.

Subject Guide

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