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FYS 100 (50): Death and Commemoration in Antiquity: Finding Books

Browsing the stacks

Call Number Guide for Browsing

DF207-218 General Greek History

DG 75-DG 190 General Roman History

BL 700- BL 980  Ancient religion (European)

N5633   Greek Art

N5780 Roman Art

Subject Headings

Art, Roman

Art, Greek

Funeral Rites and Customs, Ancient




Great Britain-- Religion--to 449



Finding Books in Boatwright Library

To search for books in Boatwright, use the Library Catalog. When dealing with classical Greece or Rome, it is often useful to add the word "history"  or "ancient" or "classical" to any search.  Start with a keyword search and, when you have found one or two relevant books, examine their subjects headings to help guide further searching, or use terms from the table of subject headings to the left. You can also use descriptive terms such as "funerary," "sarcophagai,"

You should also use the names of the cities and cultures associated with the tombs when searching for books or articles.

Many books will have information on sculptures and monuments that is not evident from the record in the catalog.  To find these books, you can use the browsing guide on the left and scan the tables of contents and indexes of books in the appropriate call number area.

Since part of your task is to establish a context for discussing a particular tomb, general books on greek warfare, politics, literature, rhetoric, art, etc. can be helpful, even if they do not focus on the tomb/funerary monument you are researching.

Other ways to Identify Books

You can also find relevant books by using the national union catalog of book, Worldcat, by searching Google Books or Google Scholar, and by searching  our Ebsco and Ebrary e-book Database.