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Find out what databases have mobile access, their own apps and see the lists of educational apps that the librarians have chosen as great ways to utilize your mobile devices in & out of the library!

Mobile Library Services:

Mobile on the Web:

Many websites have been optimized for mobile devices and/or have apps for ipads, iphones, smartphones or androids.  From selected UR databases for journal articles and reference sources, to useful websites for research, we've linked some of our top picks to get you started. 

If you have other suggestions, please let your liaison librarian know.

Each tab has a list of suggested sites or apps to use, along with a key that tells you whether the site is merely mobile-enabled, or has a specific application to download: 

      Mobile access/enabled - Website has a mobile interface and is linked by the title to the mobile site. No special app is needed for enhanced viewing on a smart device.

  iphone or ipad app (**Download app from iTunes) - A specific app is needed for use with an iphone or ipad.  Download the app from iTunes, linked from the app icon.

 Androids - An app is available to download that is optimized for android devices.  Download via the link provided.


Selected text and images adapted with permission from University of Arkansas Libraries

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