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FYS 100 (11): Framing the U.S. Constitution (Pagan): Finding a 'Strawman'

Research guide for Dr. John Pagan's First Year Seminar.

Finding a 'Strawman' argument on the Constitution you want to refute

The term 'strawman' is one used to describe the process of finding (or creating) an argument on a topic that is deconstructed.  The idea is to critique a particular argument to show its weaknesses in order to generate a better argument or explanation.

Where to find 'strawmen' on the framing of the US Constitution?

In the United States, there are two general perspectives on the constitution:

  • It is a living document and needs to change over time OR
  • We need to understand the original intent of the framers and preserve that intent

Liberals tend to make the former argument and conservatives the latter.  Therefore, we will look at conservative oriented magazines where we are likely to find arguments about the intentions of the framers of the constitution.  Below is a list of recommended places to look: