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FYS 100 (34): Expansion of Europe and Asia into Africa: Finding Books

Browsing the stacks

Call Number Guide for Browsing

DT348-363.3                             Central Sub-Saharan Africa

DT365-469                                 Eastern Africa

DT365-469                                 Eastern Africa

DT421-432.5                              East Africa.  British East Africa

DT433.2-433.29                         Uganda

DT433.5-434                              Kenya

DT491-516.9                              British West Africa

DT509.97-512.9                         Ghana (Gold Coast)

DT515-515.9                               Nigeria

DT516-516.9                               Sierra Leone

DT521-555.9                               French West Africa.  French Sahara.  West Sahara.  Sahel

DT541-541.9                               Benin.  Dahomey

DT543-543.9                              Guinea

DT545-545.9                              Côte d'Ivoire.  Ivory Coast

DT546.1-546.49                         French-speaking Equatorial Africa

DT546.2-546.29                         Congo (Brazzaville).  Middle Congo

DT547-547.9                              Niger

DT549-549.9                              Senegal

DT561-581                                 Cameroon (Cameroun, Kamerun)

DT591-615.9                             Portuguese-speaking West Africa

DT619-620.9                             Spanish West Africa

Remember--you can browse electronically in the library catalog!


Finding Books in Boatwright Library

To search for books in Boatwright, use the Library Catalog.  Start with a keyword search and when you have found one or two relevant books, examine their subjects headings to help guide further searching, or use terms from the table of subject headings to the left. You can also use descriptive terms such as "politics and government," "social life," "customs," "culture," "economic relations," "colonization," or "travel."

If you are looking for information on a person, you should first use that person's name in a keyword search or a subject heading search (reverse first and last names for this kind of search, e.g. Stanley, Henry).  However, many books will have information on persons that is not evident from the information in the catalog.  To find these books, you should use the browsing guide on the left and scan the tables of contents and indexes of books in the appropriate call number area.