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ELECTRONIC BOOKS: Recreational E-books

Identifying Recreational E-books

RBdigital audioooks

Boatwright Library subscribes to recreational audio and text e-books via RBDigital. You can also find the audio e-books in our catalog under the subject heading Downloadable audio books. To download an audiobook title to your computer or portable device, you will need to create a free OneClick Digital Media Manager account (available once you click on a title -- from within RBDigital).  To download a text e-book to a computer, you will need an ereader app and account, but RBDigital has a single app for reading and listening on mobile devices. See the guide below for details.  OneClick also provides video tutorials linked from its Help page.

Accounts must be created while you are on campus and have access to our databases, or login through the VPN, but are not otherwise dependent on a UR ID, password, or email address, or a library card. If asked for an off-campus code, use Spiders. Once you have created your account and downloaded the app appropriate for your device, you can search, download audio or ebooks, and  play or read your checked out books from any location.

Ready to start?

RBDigital Guide

Register and Access RBdigital Content
If you haven't already, register for an RBdigital App account—see the first two screens in the user guide, in the section "Account Setup/Desktop Login" for more information. 

Here’s how to access RBdigital content from your mobile devices:

  1. If you haven't already, download the appropriate RBdigital app in the app store     
  3. Open the RBdigital app and follow the prompts. You need to be on the campus network or VPN to set up your account and use the code Spiders with your UR email address.
  4. Open the menu and scroll through content types.
  5. Select a content type from the menu to view services.
  6. Select a service and tap Access to open in a browser tab.

View our user guide for more detailed instructions on how to download and navigate the app, or contact our support team with questions. 

Other Downloadable Electronic Audiobooks

 All the links below are to free or subscription services on the web. These are not library subscriptions.