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This guide provides information on citing your sources in some of the most commonly used citation formats: APA, MLA, ASA and Chicago.

Manually Importing Citations

Occasionally, you will need to import citations by hand when the other import options are unavailable, or when you find citations in a bibliography. To manually enter references, select References from the toolbar, then Add New Reference.

Select the output style you prefer (MLA, APA, Chicago). Note that the red asterisks denote fields required for the chosen style; the other information is optional.

Importing From Databases

While the method for importing citations will vary depending on the database being used, general directions are as follows:

  1. Under the "save" or "export" function within the online database service, select the RefWorks option.
  2. If you have your RefWorks account already open, the import will automatically begin. If not, then you will be prompted to log in to RefWorks.
  3. Select "Recent" to review the imported records.

For the most current list of databases which support direct export to RefWorks, click here.

Importing from Library Catalogs

  1. Log on to RefWorks.
  2. In the Search menu, select Online Catalog or Database.
  3. Select University of Richmond if you would like to search for books in Boatwright Library. If you would like to search for books at another library, select the appropriate institution's name from the list.
  4. Search the catalog. Your results will appear in a new window.
  5. Select the item(s) you want, then choose a folder to import them to or click Import.