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Resources for the study of Latin, Greek, and classical literatures and culture.

Call number Guide for Browsing

DE1-100     History of the Greco-Roman world
DE1-15.5   General
DE23-31    Geography
DE46-73.2  Antiquities. Civilization. Culture. Ethnography

DF10-951 History of Greece

DF10-289 Ancient Greece (see breakdown below)DF10-16 General
DF27-41 Geography,Travel
DF75-136 Antiquities. Civilization. Culture. Ethnography
DF207-241 History
DF207-218 General History
DF220-241 History by period
DF220-221 Bronze Age, Minoan, and Mycenaean ages
DF221.2-224 ca. 1125-500 B.C. Age of Tyrants
DF225-226 Persian wars, 499-479 B.C.
DF227-228 Athenian supremacy. Age of Pericles. 479-431 B.C.
DF229-230 Peloponnesian War, 431-404 B.C.
DF230.9-231.9 Spartan and Theban supremacies, 404-362 B.C.
DF232.5-233.8 Macedonian epoch. Age of Philip. 359-336 B.C.
DF234-234.9 Alexander the Great, 336-323 B.C.
DF235-238.9 Hellenistic period, 323-146.B.C.
DF239-241 Roman epoch, 140 B.C.-323/476 A.D.
DF251-289 Local history and description

DF501-649 Medieval Greece. Byzantine Empire, 323-1453
DF501-518 General DF520-542.4 Antiquities. Social life and customs. Ethnography
DF545-548 Military history. Political history. Empire and papacy
DF550-649 History DF550-552.8 General
DF553-599.5 Eastern Empire, 323/476-1057. Constantine the Great
DF599.8-649 1057-1453 DF610-629 1204-1261. Latin Empire
DF630-649 1261-1453. Palaeologi
DF645-649 1453. Fall of ConstantinopleHistory

DG11-999 History of Italy (see breakdown below)
DG11-365  Ancient Italy. Rome to 476
DG11-16  General
DG27-41  Geography. Description and travel
DG51-70  Local history and description
DG51-55  Regions in Italy, A-Z
DG59       Regions outside of Italy, A-Z
DG61-69   Rome (City) to 476
DG70       Other cities, towns, etc., A-Z
DG75-190  Antiquities. Civilization. Culture. Ethnography
DG201-365  History
DG201-215  General History
DG221-365   History by period
DG221-225   Pre-Roman Italy. Etruria. Etruscans
DG231-269   Kings and Republic, 753-27 B.C.
DG233-233.9  Foundations and kings, 753-510
DG235-269  Republic, 509-27
DG237-238  Subjection of Italy, 343-290
DG241-253  Conquest of Mediterranean world. 264-133
DG242-249.4   First and Second Punic Wars. Illyrian wars. 264-201 
DG250-253  Wars in the East and in the West.200-133
DG253.5-269   Fall of the Republic and establishment of the Empire. 133-27
DG256-260  Period of Marius and Sulla (Pompey).111-78
DG261-267  Julius Caesar. First Triumvirate, 60
DG268-269  Second Triumvirate, 43-31
DG269.5-365  Empire, 27 B.C. - 476 A.D.
DG269.5-274.3  General
DG275-309.3  Constitutional Empire, 27 B.C. - 284 A.D.
DG310-365   284-476. Decline and fall

Finding Books in Boatwright Library

To search for books in Boatwright, use the Catalog. When dealing with classical Greece or Rome, it is generally useful to add the word "history"  or "ancient" to any search if you are using general terms.  Start with a keyword search and when you have found one or two relevant books, examine their subjects headings to help guide further searching, or use terms from the table of subject headings to the left.

Other Books

You can identify books not available in Boatwright by using WorldCat.  the books can usually borrwed through the interlibrary loan system.