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Citation Style Help

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Information to Include When Citing Sources

Whichever citation style you choose to use, the following pieces of information should be included.

Newspaper Article:

  • Author - whenever available. Newspaper articles may not have a listed author.
  • Article Title
  • Newspaper Title
  • Newspaper volume and issue number
  • Date published- include Day, Month and Year and edition if included.
  • Page numbers of article- include section


  • Author
  • Title
  • City of Publication
  • Publisher
  • Year published

Book Chapter (when the book is a collection of chapters by different authors):

  • Author of chapter
  • Title of chapter
  • Title of book
  • Editor(s) of book
  • City of publication
  • Publisher
  • Year published
  • Page numbers of chapter

Journal Article:

  • Author
  • Article Title
  • Journal Title
  • Journal volume and issue number
  • Year published
  • Page numbers of article

Website (include any of the following that are available):

  • Author of page or article
  • Title of page or article
  • Title of Website
  • Publisher of Website (this might be the same as the Website title)
  • Date/Month/Year of Publication
  • Date/Month/Year you viewed the Website
  • URL/Link to the page