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Resources for music research and for finding materials in Parsons Music Library

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Finding CDs in Parsons Music Library

Quick Call Number Guide for Music CDs and LPs (all begin with RM)

RM 1-5000 Music
3-3.1 Collected Works of Individual Composers
6-175.5 Solo Instruments
176 Instrumental Music for Motion Pictures
176.5 Instrumental Music for Radio and Television
180-298.5 Duets
300-386 Trios
400-486 Quartets
500-586 Quintets
600-686 Sextets
700-786 Septets
800-886 Octets
900-986 Nonets and Larger Combinations of Purely Chamber Music
990 Chamber Music for Instruments of the 18th Century and Earlier
1000-1075 Orchestra
1100-1160 String Orchestra
1200-1269 Band
1270 Fife (Bugle) and Drum Music, Field Music, etc.
1356-1356.2 Jazz: Dance Bands
1365 Minstrel Music
1366 Jazz
1375-1420 Instrumental Music
1450 Dance Music
1470 Chance Compositions
1473 Electronic Music
1490 Music, Printed or Copied in Manuscript, Before 1700
1500 Operas (complete)
1505 Operas (excerpts)
1527 Musicals
1527.2 Film Soundtracks
1528-1529.5 Duets, Trios, etc. for Solo Voices
1530-1546.5 Choruses with Orchestra or Other Ensemble
1547-1600 Choruses, Part-Songs, etc. With Accompaniment of Keyboard or Other Solo Instrument, or Unaccompanied
1609 Unison Choruses with or Without Accompaniment of Every Kind
1610 Cantatas, Choral Symphonies, etc for Unaccompanied Chorus (Secular and Sacred) With or Without Solo Voices
1611-1624.8 Songs for One Voice
1625-1626 Recitations, Gesprochene Lieder, With Accompaniment
1630.18 Pop music (mostly American and British)
1681 National Music: Caribbean countries
1682-1685 National Music: Mexico and Central America
1686-1697 National Music: South America
1698-1789 National Music: Europe
1795-1828 National Music: Africa
1830-1838 National Music: Asia
1840-1846 National Music: Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands
1900-1980 Songs (Part and Solo) of Special Character
1985 Musical Games
1999 Collections of Sacred Vocal Music
2000-2007 Oratorios
2010-2017.7 Services
2018-2019.5 Duets, Trios, etc. for Solo Voices
2020-2036 Choruses, Cantatas, etc.
2060-2101.5 Choruses, Part-Songs, etc. With Accompaniment of Keyboard or Other Solo Instrument
2102-2114.8 Songs for One Voice
2115-2146 Hymn, Psalm, and Choral Books
2147-2155.6 Roman Catholic Liturgy and Ritual
2156-2160.87 Orthodox Churches' Liturgy and Ritual
2161-2183 Protestant Churches' Liturgy and Ritual
2184 Other Christian Churches' Liturgy and Ritual
2186-2187 Jewish Liturgy and Ritual
2188 Other Non-Christian Religions' Liturgy and Ritual
2198-2199 Gospel Songs

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