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FYS 100 (39; 40): Time and the City of Seville: Basic Research Tools

Quick Sources of Information on Spain and Seville

Most of these links will take you to the catalog record for a book, from which you can determine its location.

Basic Library Tools

Using the Library Catalog

The first place to check for books on your topic is the Library Catalog.  Here are some quick tips for effective catalog searches:

If you are looking for books by a writer, use the Author search (last name first).

If you want books about an author, use the Subject Heading Browse search (last name first).

Here are some subject headings you may find useful:

  • Spain - Civilization - 711-1516
  • Spain - History - 711-1516
  • Spain - Social Life and Customs
  • Spanish literature
  • Spain--Politics and government--to 1479
  • Muslims - Spain - History
  • Seville (Spain) - Social Conditions


Of course, you can also use keyword searches. The Subject seach on the Advanced Search page is especially useful.