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Websites and Databases That May Help in Identifying a Suitable Short Story

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Strategies for Finding Short Stories in the Catalog

Some collections of short stories have themes, but most are characterized by the subgenre (mystery, science fiction), the time or location of composition (19th century, Western states), or the identity of the author(s), who are usually described in the catalog by ethnicity, gender, national origin, or other distinguishing social characteristic.  Thus combining the phrase "short stories" with a suitable descriptor will usually find a collection of stories to choose from. For example, try "short stories latino" or "short stories lesbian"  or "short stories jewish".  You can also browse by subject, beginning your search with "short stories," and then either scroll until you find a narrower category of interest (e.g. Short stories, American--Michigan--Detroit) or just click on one or more of the broader categories and scroll until you a collection title catches your eye. We have hundreds of collections of stories to choose from.

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