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FYS 100 (07): Watching "The Wire" (Simpson/Nielson): On the Wire

Fall 2018

Welcome To Your Resources

This guide is designed to support accurate, credible, and engaging data. Use it as a tool to find information and data for presentations, papers, and conversation.

Remember that your research and presentations will be evaluated by instructors who expect academic resources and not just online information which may be questionable, biased, or may be lacking in credibility or  factual correctness.

To quickly find what you need, please use these links: 

1) Find Books

Use this page to find print and e-book resources on your topic. 

2) Find Articles

This is where you'll find articles with information for your topic. There are multiple databases you can use, and you should use them as they cover varied aspects of your topic. You'll also be able to find information about your profession, art, culture, and gender.

3) Find Reference Information

Use these resources to find general information.

4) Interlibrary Loan

Here's where you can request a book or an article that is not in Boatwright Memorial Library.

5) Citation: Zotero

This is a direct link to assist with citation creation.

Youtube: Under the Influence: David Simon on PATHS OF GLORY. criterioncollection Published on May 10, 2018

Youtube: #247HHEXCL Boots Riley - To Curve The Violence We Need Good Paying Jobs (247HH Exclusive). 247HH.COM Published on Feb 29, 2016

Youtube: The Urban Agenda: Derrick Bell on racism. cunytv75 Published on Sep 12, 2012

Research: Information as Value & Google

The Library collects varied materials useful to all of your projects.  Whenever you're working on a project and you have a question and need to look for information, you're doing research.

We curate our materials - we're always looking materials that have reliable and accurate information.  We also work hard to find materials that help you to create works without you needing to do extensive copyright research to see if you can use that image, sound effect, song or music track in your project.

We also provide personal service! Beat that, Google! You can stop by any time the Library is open or you can email our staff to ask for information.  It doesn't matter if your question is short and quick or long and involved - we love helping connect you with the materials that will help you create an amazing project!

When you search in Google, you're getting a lot of results - some useful and others, well not so much, but you might not know it. Library resources save time and the resources are targeted to you're studies.  You don't have to lose time wading through dubious resources that do not have what you're looking for or provides misinformation.

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