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LDST 101 - Kaufman: Leadership and the Humanities (Kaufman)

Dr. Peter Kaufman

Research Paper Analysis


COMPOSE A WELL-RESEARCHED ANALYSIS OF THE RISE OF FASCISM IN GERMANY DURING THE 1920s AND 1930s. You may narrow the topic to assess social and economic factors, the Hitler cult, the failures of the republic and of social democrats, the leadership circle around Hitler (Goebbels, Göring), the trajectories of intolerance, the loyalties of industrialists, the role of the paramilitary, and the appeals to youth, etc. In addition, you may formulate and address a question that enables you to assess the (un)likelihood that evidence of ethno-nationalism in the twenty first century suggests fascism may be revived in Europe and the United States. Can it happen here? Use primary sources (MEIN KAMPF, Hitler’s speeches; Goebbels’s journal, Riefenstahl’s films, etc), secondary sources on reserve, and material from the various databases. 4,000 words maximum. Use materials that are on the library's electronic system and search the various library databases below for additional information.


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